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IEC Marriage is a initiative by IEC Bolton.  The group comprises of young professionals who operate under the guidance of Hazrat Allama Mufti Ayyoob Ashrafi sahib to serve the Deen.  

We have recognised the growing need of support for men & women seeking appropriate partners for Marriage.  Following requests by parents and family members of the community for initiatives to make the marriage seeking process easier. 

As a result we founded IEC Marriage (est 2015).  Initially the service was operated by a dedicated team who would spend hours matching potential applicants and organising meetings.  With several years of this manual work, in 2019 we embarked on an ambitious project to make the match making easier.  After many discussions, design meetings and extensive collaboration with a website developer, we have delivered this new website.  It is unique in many ways and combines the traditional approach with modern technology. 

We continue to look for ways we can continue to help the Ummah and request your duas that our intention remains pure.


IEC Team