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We have developed a simple clever solution to make the match making process easy and increase your choice and chance in marriage.  SWAP profiles and decide if you want to MEET with a few simple clicks. 


Here are a few terms you need to know:

* SEND - The action of requesting a profile SWAP with another user.  

* SWAP - The action which automatically reveals full profiles with each other.

* MEET - Short for meeting.  

* MATCH - The other half, the user you wish to interact with.

* High Level Profile - Profile information with identifiable information HIDDEN such as name, photo, contact details.

* Full Profile - Profile information INCLUDING identifiable information such as name, photo and parents names.

* MEET details - Contact details including chaperone name and details


Users are free to roam the high level profiles without joining, however, if you want to gain access to more information then you can register for FREE.  It takes just a few minutes to register.  After registering, your personal details remain hidden, users can only see your high level profile.  


To unlock all features of the website including the ability to SWAP profiles you need to upgrade your account. For a one off fee of £49.99 you will have UNLIMITED ACCESS for UNLIMITED TIME.   

To upgrade simply click on the SEND button on a profile and you will be prompted to COMPLETE YOUR PROFILE.  This will upgrade your account.  Note:  There is no additional costs involved, just this one off fee.

Tip:  Look out for special promo codes to reduce the cost even further.

Note:  We are a non-profit organisation.  So all money generated by this website is used for the Deen. 



Use our carefully crafted FIND a MATCH search box to FIND suitable profiles 

Click on the View Details button on a profile to see their high level profile.  This includes some key information but their name and identity remains hidden.


To SWAP profiles, press the SEND button on their profile. 

The user will then receive a notification email to ask for a profile SWAP. Only your high level profile is shared at this point, so your identity remains hidden.


The user has 3 days to respond to the SWAP request.  They have a choice of 2 buttons, SWAP or NO SWAP:

* If they click SWAP - automatically the full profile is revealed to you and them.  This includes the users name, photo & parents names.  Contact details are not shared.  The SWAP happens automatically and information is revealed to both users at the same time.

* If they click NO SWAP - Then you will receive a notification of the decline and the user will be added to the 'Decline' tab. 


If you have both agreed to a SWAP, 3 new options will be revealed to you.  You have 14 days to respond. 

* MEET (IEC) - You want to arrange a meeting with the person and want the IEC team to help.  A member of the IEC team will contact both users to arrange a time and place for the meeting.  This is only for UK users.

* MEET - You want to arrange a meeting yourselves.  In this case our system will automatically share chaperone contact details with both of you.  Your chaperones will also be emailed automatically so that they can help organise the meeting.

* NO MEET - After seeing the full profile, you don't want to progress any further.  Both users will move to the Decline tab and the profiles will be hidden.


Within a few clicks you've been able to expand your possible MATCH choice, SWAP details and work out who you want to hold an initial meeting with.

What we ask now is that you hold the meeting within the boundaries of Shariah and upon success of the meeting you close your account with us. If it doesn't work out, then we are always here to help you find your perfect MATCH.